so long, 2016.

what a fucking year 2016 has been, am i right?

not only has this been a year that has been fraught for so many people that i know personally, it’s been an intense and agonizing one for the world. there seems to be so much pain and greed and absolute turmoil on every channel and every page of the news. to say it’s overwhelming is a grand understatement.

though, when i look back at my personal adventures in 2016, it was really great towards the latter half. in august, i left retail hell (albeit, i loved the company) and began a new adventure in the world of ~corporate big girl job land~ and i feel like a whole new person. my boyfriend also got away from retail life. we got a new dog, zoey, that we love and gets along with our other dog, lola, so well. i completed my first semester back in college after a six year hiatus and kicked ass (though, it often kicked mine). i am more financially independent than i’ve ever been. i had the privilege of turning 30. student loans will be paid off in 4 months. i’m looking for a new car. i’m in love with my best friend and he loves me back.

…you get the point. i have PERSONALLY had a really great year. i am trying to focus on the positive that i have at my grasp. i am an empath to the core and pain of the world sits deep in my chest and (literally) has caused me horrible insomnia and stomach pains. so, i did what i could in 2016. i donated money to organizations that do great work for causes i love. i used my social media platform to speak out and fight back. i tried to love everyone around me more fiercely. i gave more compliments (and meant every one of them). i told everyone what they meant to me more often. i stopped and smelled the literal and figurative roses as often as i could.

i don’t know what will come in 2017 for the world. 2016 has felt like this huge, hanging cloud that’s sitting over the world, ready to rain down floods. 2017 feels like this beacon of hope we’re all waiting desperately for. while ‘fresh starts’ can happen at any time regardless of the date on the calendar, this one is symbolic for the world.

let’s take a deep breath, reflect on our goals for the coming months, and kick ass in 2017.

we deserve it.


it’s all in the bag, y’all.

if you’re anything like me, you don’t particularly enjoy loud patterns or colors on your clothing and rely on a wardrobe of interesting basics and accessorizing until the cows come home. shoes and handbags are my FAVORITE kinds of accessories and just like clothing, they’re usually seasonal for me. in springtime, i love lighter materials, smaller bags, less ‘hardware’, lighter colors, etc. in texas when it’s a billion degrees during the summer, the last thing i want to tote around is a heavy duty bag, ya know? though in the winter, i love heavy leathers and lots of hardware and all around more intense bags. i searched around amazon and (easily!) found 5 bags (under $50!) that i would LOVE to carry this winter and figured y’all would like to see them! bonus? they’re all on prime so you can have them arrive in just a few days. 😉

one. ) the ‘t-shirt and jeans back pack’. back packs are a favorite all year long though, i love this one for its simple design and bronze hardware around the top flap. it’s a bucket-style bag (which i love) so it’s easy to open and fish around for what you need. it comes in black and brown and is simple enough to go with everything and edgy enough to be interesting to the eye! you can check it out here.

two.) the ‘gx by gwen stefani jaydn bucket bag’. admittedly, my number one favorite thing about this bag is the particular color that i like. hunter greens and oxbloods are my FAVORITE colors during the fall and winter. so, combine this beautiful deep green with the bucket-style bag and i’m HOOKED. it comes in black and bright red, too! i will definitely be ordering this. it’s too cute! you can find it right over here!

three.) the ‘twig and arrow alice bucket cross body bag’. yes, another bucket bag…but, hear me out! i’m tellin’ ya. bucket bags are so easy to maneuver! also, this one is adorable in a distressed mid-tone grey faux leather. i love the interesting stitching across the front and the fact that the cross body portion has the option to be nice and long. it only comes in the grey color, but it’s perfect for this time of year. you can snag this bag right over here.

four.) the ‘tom clovers messenger weekender bag’. this one is SO NEAT. it’s one of the most interesting shapes of bags i’ve seen in a while. this would be perfect for students or commuter workers (like me!) who have a lot of goodies to carry with them all the time. it comes in a TON of colors and the grey is my personal favorite (duh). check out the wares right here!

five.) the ‘scarleton medium belt accent bag’. this is perhaps the most ‘put together’ of all the bags i found. it’s definitely got an air of sophistication and high-end structure. to be fair, it’s most likely modeled after high end designer, mulberry. though, for the $29 price tag…i ain’t mad. it comes in so many beautiful rich colors and out of all of them, i’m digging the bag in navy. this would pair beautifully with all of the neutrals we tend to wear in winter. check out its gorgeouness riiiiight here.

thank you so much for checking out my blog! i hope you find a bag (or five!) that you love as much as i do. ❤

five plus size warm and cozy things you can get on amazon (prime, even!)

i’m not unlike millions of other people who find amazon prime to be a little too easy to use but so gosh darn convenient. i’m pretty sure the office that receives my mail is extremely concerned by how many amazon packages i get in a week. ha! nonetheless, finding plus size fashion-y items on amazon has (oddly enough) been something i’ve only recently gotten into. i did a little surfing and found five items that i wanted to share that will keep you comfy and cozy during these frigid times (and beyond!). also, it goes without saying…you can get most of these items with two-day prime shipping. 😉

one.) a comfy, cozy pair of pajamas/onesie. these are a no-brainer, right? i thought so. i found this fleece onesie that comes in a heap of colors and goes up to a 3X! though, there are many separates you can get from amazon that come in sizes much larger. take a peek at the set i mentioned and then branch out if you need sizes beyond 3X.  you can check them out here: (click me for cozy!)

two.) fleece-lined leggings. i didn’t even know these were a thing until recently! what?! this is going to change my skirt/dress game during the colder months. most of my wardrobe consists of non-pants/non-jeans and i found myself truly freezing my ass of during the winter. but, badaboom. FLEECE-LINED LEGGINGS. the ones i found on amazon are plain black, though many colors and patterns exist in the world. you can find them here in up to a generous 3X: (warm up yer gams here!)

three.) a hooded sweatshirt. sounds basic, but doesn’t have to be! i found one on amazon that has a a funky cape hemline and comes in tons of colors and sizes up to 5X! i love these hoodies and i think they’re perfect to go under your big coat in the middle of winter. you can see all the choices here: (snuggle up in one of these!)

four.) thick, comfy wool socks. i found some irresistibly cute wool socks on amazon that come in a five-pack for less than $15. i specifically sought out lower rise socks (these are about mid-to-low calf) so that it would fit more sizes of ankles/calves out there. they come in SO MANY COLORS AND PATTERNS! you’re sure to find some you love. you can check them out here: (you’ll thank me later.)

five.) slipper boots. a world of comfort awaits you! they’re basically fluff-lined sweaters for your feet that are perfect for keeping you warm around your house or when you pop out for a quick second. they have nice, sturdy soles that act as shoe bottoms and can easily stand up to a quick walk with the dog or to grab snacks from the store. there are tons of pattern/style options out there (you’ll see lots of ‘dearfoams’ brand on amazon), everything from a slipper to a short boot to something over-the-knee. while i wouldn’t recommend the taller options for larger legs, i have a pair of the shorter boots and they’re the only thing i want to wear! you can see all the yummy comfy options here: (slip into something comfy here!)

i hope this short and sweet list keeps you nice and cozy this winter season! though, i’m someone who loves that comfy life year-round so i’ll be wearing the slipper boots and comfy pajamas well into next year, too. 🙂 thanks for reading!


hi, y’all. it’s me, natalie.

i’m really grateful to know that most of you who will navigate here first are already followers of mine on various platforms and for that, i thank you so kindly! welcome! if this is the first time you’re hearing of me, hi! i’m natalie and i’m a plus size influencer/model/fashion enthusiast/beauty obsessor. so basically, i’m a lot of things and you can find links over on the side bar to my various presences on the internet. ❤

i can’t even tell you how long i’ve been meaning to make a blog. people constantly ask me to direct them to ‘my blog’ and then i get awkward and then have to explain that i’ve made my visibility on social media sites more than anything and have never really had a home base for followers to refer back to. i feel it’s finally time to be legit, y’all.

i’ll keep this short and sweet – all of my other social media will be exactly the same as it always has been, there will just be an addition of this blog as a master resource to come back to so you can find out details on stuff i’m wearing/using/loving and see more photos that may not make it to instagram.

are you ready? ‘cuz i sure am.

let’s do this!