five plus size warm and cozy things you can get on amazon (prime, even!)

i’m not unlike millions of other people who find amazon prime to be a little too easy to use but so gosh darn convenient. i’m pretty sure the office that receives my mail is extremely concerned by how many amazon packages i get in a week. ha! nonetheless, finding plus size fashion-y items on amazon has (oddly enough) been something i’ve only recently gotten into. i did a little surfing and found five items that i wanted to share that will keep you comfy and cozy during these frigid times (and beyond!). also, it goes without saying…you can get most of these items with two-day prime shipping. 😉

one.) a comfy, cozy pair of pajamas/onesie. these are a no-brainer, right? i thought so. i found this fleece onesie that comes in a heap of colors and goes up to a 3X! though, there are many separates you can get from amazon that come in sizes much larger. take a peek at the set i mentioned and then branch out if you need sizes beyond 3X.  you can check them out here: (click me for cozy!)

two.) fleece-lined leggings. i didn’t even know these were a thing until recently! what?! this is going to change my skirt/dress game during the colder months. most of my wardrobe consists of non-pants/non-jeans and i found myself truly freezing my ass of during the winter. but, badaboom. FLEECE-LINED LEGGINGS. the ones i found on amazon are plain black, though many colors and patterns exist in the world. you can find them here in up to a generous 3X: (warm up yer gams here!)

three.) a hooded sweatshirt. sounds basic, but doesn’t have to be! i found one on amazon that has a a funky cape hemline and comes in tons of colors and sizes up to 5X! i love these hoodies and i think they’re perfect to go under your big coat in the middle of winter. you can see all the choices here: (snuggle up in one of these!)

four.) thick, comfy wool socks. i found some irresistibly cute wool socks on amazon that come in a five-pack for less than $15. i specifically sought out lower rise socks (these are about mid-to-low calf) so that it would fit more sizes of ankles/calves out there. they come in SO MANY COLORS AND PATTERNS! you’re sure to find some you love. you can check them out here: (you’ll thank me later.)

five.) slipper boots. a world of comfort awaits you! they’re basically fluff-lined sweaters for your feet that are perfect for keeping you warm around your house or when you pop out for a quick second. they have nice, sturdy soles that act as shoe bottoms and can easily stand up to a quick walk with the dog or to grab snacks from the store. there are tons of pattern/style options out there (you’ll see lots of ‘dearfoams’ brand on amazon), everything from a slipper to a short boot to something over-the-knee. while i wouldn’t recommend the taller options for larger legs, i have a pair of the shorter boots and they’re the only thing i want to wear! you can see all the yummy comfy options here: (slip into something comfy here!)

i hope this short and sweet list keeps you nice and cozy this winter season! though, i’m someone who loves that comfy life year-round so i’ll be wearing the slipper boots and comfy pajamas well into next year, too. 🙂 thanks for reading!


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