so long, 2016.

what a fucking year 2016 has been, am i right?

not only has this been a year that has been fraught for so many people that i know personally, it’s been an intense and agonizing one for the world. there seems to be so much pain and greed and absolute turmoil on every channel and every page of the news. to say it’s overwhelming is a grand understatement.

though, when i look back at my personal adventures in 2016, it was really great towards the latter half. in august, i left retail hell (albeit, i loved the company) and began a new adventure in the world of ~corporate big girl job land~ and i feel like a whole new person. my boyfriend also got away from retail life. we got a new dog, zoey, that we love and gets along with our other dog, lola, so well. i completed my first semester back in college after a six year hiatus and kicked ass (though, it often kicked mine). i am more financially independent than i’ve ever been. i had the privilege of turning 30. student loans will be paid off in 4 months. i’m looking for a new car. i’m in love with my best friend and he loves me back.

…you get the point. i have PERSONALLY had a really great year. i am trying to focus on the positive that i have at my grasp. i am an empath to the core and pain of the world sits deep in my chest and (literally) has caused me horrible insomnia and stomach pains. so, i did what i could in 2016. i donated money to organizations that do great work for causes i love. i used my social media platform to speak out and fight back. i tried to love everyone around me more fiercely. i gave more compliments (and meant every one of them). i told everyone what they meant to me more often. i stopped and smelled the literal and figurative roses as often as i could.

i don’t know what will come in 2017 for the world. 2016 has felt like this huge, hanging cloud that’s sitting over the world, ready to rain down floods. 2017 feels like this beacon of hope we’re all waiting desperately for. while ‘fresh starts’ can happen at any time regardless of the date on the calendar, this one is symbolic for the world.

let’s take a deep breath, reflect on our goals for the coming months, and kick ass in 2017.

we deserve it.


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