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five plus size workout pieces that feel good while you’re movin’.

if you’re anything like me, if i have cute active wear, it makes me want to move my body. i’m a strong believer in that any movement is good if you feel positively and enjoy what you’re doing. whether you fancy walks, running, yoga, swimming, pilates, exercising totally while sitting, lifting weights, dancing, you name it…it counts. personally, i enjoy being able to work out for a steady amount of time, so i stick to mostly low-impact, high-sweat exercises like the elliptical or dancing or lots of weight-training. i’m not much of runner. one day, maybe!

i went through and found a few of my current favorite workout pieces and wanted to share them!

one.) a fully supportive sports bra. it’s essential to a safe and comfortable workout if you’re going to be doing any sort of impact at all. a secure bra will keep your breasts from bouncing and pulling at your chest. i love the ones from lane bryant from their ‘livi active’ line but they’re unfortunately really spendy and i feel that they run very small. i found one on amazon that comes in several colors and up to a 50G at less than $30 a pop! you can see all the sizes and colors here: click me!

two.) a breathable, moisture-ridding top. if you’re a sweaty beast like me, it always helps to have a workout top that will be light, breathable, and dissipate moisture quickly. again, brands like lane bryant and rainbeau curves make super cute tops but your wallet won’t be too happy. though, on amazon, i found some that go up to a 4X and can be purchased in an array of colors, up to a 4X, for less than $ 10 each. you can find them by clicking on over here: boom!

three.) durable, comfortable leggings. this may seem like a big ‘DUH!’ but, come on. we’ve all tried to wear the thin little forever21 or target leggings to work out and they’re sheer and show every drop of moisture that runs off our body. while you of course CAN wear those leggings, it’s nice to have a pair that are meant to be durable through many workouts and help you stay dry and comfortable. i love a pair i found from the brand champion (the kardashians are giving this brand a new revival these days) that go up to a 4x. though, they’re not necessarily inexpensive, they’re definitely less expensive than lane bryant’s livi active line. if this pair isn’t your jam, check out all their other cuts and fits, too! you can check out the champion goods over here: kabam!

four.) a light workout hoodie. especially now that it’s smack-dab in the middle of winter, it’s nice to make sure you’re keeping in your body heat if your activities were to bring you outside. this particular hoodie isn’t necessarily geared towards working out, though it comes in sizes up to 5X and they’re affordable – about $15 each! check out all the pretty colors and how cozy they are over here: almost there!

five.) a good pair of workout shoes. now, this is very much open to interpretation. some workouts will call for different kinds of shoes and some workouts may even be best done barefoot. this is the one piece of workout clothing that i really feel is worthy of investing in more than others. i’m lucky to have tried this particular brand of shoes that i have used for doing lots of indoor/outdoor walks, cycling, and elliptical in so many different varieties and can tell you…they’re SO comfy. i’m talkin’ new balances, y’all! i’m linking you to a random pair of them but, there’s TONS on amazon in so many colors and styles. they’ll all be winners! see all the goodies over here: follow along through here!

again, no one workout is going to work for everyone and as long as you feel good in your body, just keep moving, if you wish to! any movement is good movement. 🙂 thanks for reading!

❤ natalie.

(cover image is from lane bryant’s new livi active campaign of triathlete and coach krista henderson. amazing campaign!)

my favorite mask (not the jim carrey movie, tho) of 2016.

sheet masks are hands down one of my FAVORITE parts of skincare. i love using them on their own several times a week or as part of a more thorough pamper night. i’ve tried tons! though for me, none of them compare to the tony moly sheet masks. you can buy them a lot of places; shops like urban outfitters and ulta sell them, though they can set you back about $3-$4 a mask each. which isn’t outrageous, but definitely not my preferred mode of purchase. what’s my preferred mode of purchase, you ask? amazon, duh (i know…you were ALL SHOCKED). why amazon? the absolute bargain.

you can get a pack of 11 (ELEVEN!) of the tony moly sheet masks (one of almost every type they make!) on amazon (click right here!) for about $11 on average (ELEVEN AMERICAN DOLLARS!) and you guessed it…they’re on prime, too. the pack contains all of the different kinds that i show in the featured photo – everything from tea tree to lemon to pomegranate to red wine, all with their own skincare benefits. i will literally NEVER allow myself to run out of these because dammit, they’re a treat and they’re really, really affordable. i can’t recommend them enough! these masks are part of a much larger skincare favorites list that i have coming in a few days.

thank you so much for reading ❤